Commercial Litigation

Business is naturally competitive, and all businesses are bound to wind up in a dispute at one time or another. While many disputes can be resolved through negotiations or simply forgetting about the issue because it is not worth the time or cost to pursue it, there may be times where you have a dispute that needs to be resolved in the courts. We have experience representing businesses in both Texas and Oklahoma courts. We handle a full range of business and commercial litigation matters including the following.

Breach of Contract Attorney in Houston, Texas

Breach of Contract

Contracts are the foundation of business, and poorly written contracts are the cause of many business disputes. While parties to a contract rarely set out to intentionally breach a contract, changing business conditions may cause late delivery or payment. There may also be disagreements over how specific phrases in the contract should be defined. When the two parties cannot agree on an appropriate resolution, the court will often be forced to determine what is standard in the industry based on precedent set in previous contract law cases.

Business Torts

Business torts are acts committed by businesses outside of normal, fair competition. These include acts like interfering with another business’s contractual relations, making fraudulent representations to secure business or drive business away from a competitor, or other steps to disrupt another business’s operations. A business who has had these unfair acts committed against it is entitled to reimbursement for direct economic losses as well as any prospective business that was lost.

Modern SkyscrapersConstruction Litigation

Whether it is a completely new building or a repair following storm damage, construction projects are incredibly complex. With numerous contractors and subcontractors involved, the potential for delays, unexpected cost changes, and disputes over workmanship quality is high. Our firm can assist you in determining who should bear responsibility for any mishaps and how the aggrieved parties should be made whole.

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