Hurricane Harvey Claims

Houston Flooding hurricane Harvey
(photo: Richard Carlson / Reuters)

Our hearts to go out to fellow Houstonians and Texans along the Gulf Coast impacted by the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey. The Corona Law Firm is actively seeking to take on these wind and flood damage claims. There are three main different types of claims that will evolve from Hurricane Harvey that we are taking on at this time.

1. Wind / Tornado Claims

Harvey brought hurricane-force winds to the Corpus Christi and Gulfport areas. Also keep in mind that during the days of Harvey’s landfall, there were hundreds of tornado events in the Houston area alone. This means even if your home or business flooded, you also may have an insurance claim with your homeowners or commercial insurance. Here at the Corona Law Firm, we are experienced insurance lawyers who can help identify potential areas of coverage that insurance adjusters ignored or did not identify. You must file a claim and your insurance company has to take a position on the claim (underpay / deny / find below deductible) before our firm can get involved.

2. Flooding – with Flood Insurance

If your home or business flooded and you have flood insurance, count yourself lucky. The estimates of people who flooded who do not have flood insurance have ranged from 50 – 80 percent. You must file a claim and FEMA has to take a position on the claim (underpay / deny / find below deductible) before our firm can get involved.

3. Flooding – Downstream of Addicks or Barker Reservoirs; without Flood Insurance

If your home or business did not flood until the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers released water from the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs, we want to talk to you.

Addicks / Barker Reservoir

On Monday August 29, 2017, officials started releasing water from these two reservoirs to relieve pressure on the reservoirs and to prevent them from failing. These releases continued for weeks. This was likely the best decision for the greatest number of the public, but if your home or business was downstream and was damaged, you may be entitled to compensation from the federal government. We are only taking on clients at this time that are located downstream of these reservoir releases; primarily along the Buffalo Bayou. To read more information about this event, please read our blog article on this topic by clicking here.

If any one of the three above scenarios applies to your home or business, please give us a call today to discuss your situation.

Buffalo Bayou Inundation Maps